Technology is at its best in the hands of people who use it strategically. We partner with companies who aim to enhance their external and internal services with tech solutions that are current, cost-efficient, and comprehensive.

One excellent example is our work with Eiffage. We assisted them in their digital transformation so that all Eiffage Energy branch sales representatives now carry a touchpad equipped with an interactive digital catalog of the company’s achievements, a product developed by WYLog.

Another project we worked on was with an energy and manufacturing company that puts a premium on prioritizing employees’ safety as they work in hazardous situations. However, HSE trainings tend to be time consuming, expensive, and difficult to schedule. That’s where WYLog stepped in. We developed a way to provide HSE training through a Virtual Reality environment that matches our clients’ facilities. This doesn’t replace regular HSE training courses, but complements them to make them more effective and better adapted to each work area. Our client no longer had to wait for an instructor and assemble the whole team; each individual became free to choose their own timeslot and train as often as they wish. It’s a more flexible and engaging way to connect with employees, which will go a long way in boosting productivity.

We believe in going above and beyond in what we do, which is why we are now developing a smart contract platform for another major industrial client based on blockchain technologies to assist in raw materials trades.

Manufacturing and Utilities