• Expertise : Augmented Reality
  • Objective : personify your brand
  • Technology : AR mobile application
AR Corporate Mascot

Futuristic and innovative, we created WYBot, an animated robot that we imagined and developed in augmented reality. Through our AR mobile app, WYbot introduces you our company, services and business sectors. Designed and developed using Unity 3D, this type of application is particularly useful for game developers or companies wishing to personify their business and interact with their customers!
From a marketing point of view, integrating a 3D character or object into your communication media will help you to promote consumer recognition and attachment to your brand. It can also be used during forums or conferences to grab the attention of your interlocutors and make an impression.  

How does it work ? 

This app works in combination with mobile devices. Simply point the camera at the card, and the application will detect and display virtual content. Then you can discover and enjoy the different uses of your mascot.