• Expertise : virtual reality I training app
  • Objective : training staffs to risk situations
  • Business sector : fire fighting
  • Tools : blender, unity, ARcore, ARkit, unreal
VR Fire Simulation

We developed a training application for firefighters. Using the HTC Vive VR headset, different scenarios and obstacles are simulated during firefighters’ training.

The application is divided into different levels such as getting out of a room, locating the first aid kit and map, evacuating people, making sure that all rooms are empty, getting out of the building and giving the kit to the responsible person. Firefighters can also rely on  a questions/answers section to be helped and assisted during all the training. The application’s design and development was done using Unreal Engine.

How does it works ? 

By wearing VR glasses, you enter into a new dimension where we recreate a 3D fire situation. Users have the possibility to interact with people and objects in order to adopt the good behavior in case of fire.