• Expertise : development I traceability platform
  • Objective : trace and secure the supply chain 
  • Technology : business application
  • Business sector : mining industry

TracerChain, Wylog’s Modular Blockchain Platform, is designed to disrupt the current industry practices by prioritizing transparency, immutability and accountability with blockchain technology. To make blockchain technology accessible so business applications our platform offers the following benefits:
• Gathering your blockchain skillset on one platform: easy to integrate, to customize and allows you to keep the control of your blockchain data.
• Onboarding your business partners – Multi-Level Access: make Smart Contracts available to all your partners.
• Multi-Level white labeling: a customizable dApp which allows you to deploy, host and share your own private blockchain with your professional network.
• Mainstream ready: the flow manager and smart contract ecosystems are fully optimized for each type of business application.

TracerChain is made up out of three main parts that work together to provide secure and transparent blockchain solutions:
• Blockchain Flow Manager: The Flow Manager lets you define the way you want to interact with smart contracts, with high flexibility. TracerChain uses a private Ethereum blockchain by default but can also be deployed on a Ethereum public blockchain or any blockchain based on the EVM.
• Smarts Contracts Repository and Management: TracerChain has a predefined smart contract repository that is based on the different modules that come with the platform. By default TracerChain uses an Ethereum Private Blockchain on which you can host your own node.
• Traceability and Compliance module: this module is designed to aid organizations that are part of a supply chain that has strict traceability and compliance requirements. The module allows for secured and controlled action delegation within the same organization account (Multi signature wallet).