• Expertise : virtual reality I gamification
  • Objective : trying products from everywhere
  • Business sector : architecture, interior decoration
  • Technologies : blender, unity, ARcore, ARkit, unreal
VR Room Visualizer

Application mostly useful to Interior Designers and Real Estate 3D modelers. Users are able to modify the materials, texture and color of interiors such as walls and furniture through an architectural visualization aided by a walk-through feature. This application can also be used by common people who are looking to decorate or re-decorate their home interior. 

We also developed a variant of this application in Augmented Reality that allows users to add to the environment in which they are located pieces of furniture (furniture, sofas, etc.) allowing them to visualize the final rendering better before starting decorating! 

How does it works ? 

By wearing VR glasses, you enter into a new dimension where we recreate an interactive 3D environment with detailed textures. Combined with audio explanations, the experience becomes fully immersive.